What's Golden Griffin All About?

Research Research Research

Golden Griffin is committed to short-term and long-term success. Our extensive research and detailed planning allow campaigns to focus on short-term goals and build lasting brands. Research allows for trust build between clients & consumers. We offer cost-effective, quality advertising through Paid Search & Google's Grant Program

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high-quality advertising campaigns and insights that enable brands to grow with their consumer's needs. Our agency strives to regain advertising trust between clients and consumers through extensive research.

Our Vision

Bring Advertising back to its golden age with the introduction of digital. We focus on research, insights, & results

Advertisers struggle with connecting the advertising touch points and measuring all of the campaign data

SEM connects all of the media touch points and provides great insight into user behavior. It's cost-effective and has the ability to hit all the stages of the consumer journey

Our planning and monitoring approach is geared to business growth & product R&D improvements

What Makes Golden Griffin Unique?

We take pride in providing extensive research, detailed plans, and trustworthy, high-quality support. Golden Griffin's main goal is to provide PPPP marketing insights and recommendations while other advertisers only focus on media insights and recommendations


How long does a Paid Search or Google Grant contract last?

The contract renews every month. You can cancel the contract at any time. Our services will end at the end of the month if you cancel after the renewal period.

What services does the agency offer?

Our agency offers 3 services. The services include; Paid Search Services, Google Ads Grants Services, & Paid Search Campaign Audits. In the future, our agency will be full-service. At that time, our services will include; Digital/Traditional Media Planning, Digital/Traditional Media Creative, & Business Department Growth Consulting. The offerings under Business Department Growth Consulting include:

  • SEO

  • Social Account Management

  • Website

  • R&D

  • Blogging

  • Events

  • Office Design

  • Employee Growth

  • Finance

  • Customer Service

  • PR

  • IT

  • Marketing

  • Earned Media

How much do the Paid Search Services cost?

The service cost is $100-$300/month - custom prices are available.

How much do the Google Ads Grants Services cost?

The service cost is $85-$150/month.

How much does the Campaign Audit cost?

The service is free for all Brands.

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Email: goldengriffinadvertising@gmail.com