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Focused on your goals, behavioral changes, and the ever-changing consumer journey

Focused on short-term sales and building brands that last

We grow with your consumer's needs

We alter the consumer's needs

Optimizations are limited. Most of the optimizations are pre-planned due to the extensive research

Our pay-per-click service deliverables have a marketing focus. PPPP is geared to helping your marketing efforts. JC Shift helps you align with the consumer journey and product life cycle. Yearly plans help with short and long-term goals

Geared to sales & furthering product R&D

Advertising is creative, fun, and exciting. We never lose that fire

Your product(s) and service(s) is our obsession. As our partner, our team joins the consumer community and integrates with your team. That's how our team gains client and consumer trust

Our agency responds to emails, chats, calls, or whatever you need. Golden Griffin is extremely responsive and detailed.

Cost-Effective & Quality Planning

Our measurement plans will set your campaign apart from the competition

We go beyond media metrics to truly understand the impact of the campaign

We never lose sight of the importance of research

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