Our Story

Golden Griffin is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - offering Paid Search & Google Grant PPC services throughout the United States.

Our company was founded in August 2022. The Founder, Evan Griffin, has 5 years of experience within the advertising industry.

Who We Serve

For-Profits & Nonprofits That Want to Grow but Currently Can’t Afford High-Priced Ad Agencies

Why We Exist

Poor Customer Service

Golden Griffin believes in always doing the job the right way and trust building. We treat our clients with respect to their faces and behind closed doors. Other advertising agencies will disrespect clients behind closed doors and sometimes give false information based on a client's advertising knowledge.

Advertising Cost

Advertising should be accessible and affordable for every brand. We limit our cost because we love what we do and trust we can grow your business. The average hourly cost for advertising services in the US is around $150/hour or a significant percentage of the media budget.

Rushed Plans

Media Plans typically last a year and some creative aspects could last the entire life of the company. Our company takes our time with our research to provide personalized Media Plans. Most agencies will rush to market so they can limit the cost of media planning and maximize their own RIO.

Campaign Goal Creation

Our goal is to improve your business in the short-term and grow a brand that will last. Other agencies focus on short-term, performance marketing tactics. The problem with performance marketing is that it's geared towards improving media metrics which does not always result in improving business metrics.

Industry Insights

Golden Griffin focuses on PPPP marketing insights that directly impact a brand's consumer. A typical advertising agency will likely focus on advertising metrics and might put little importance on creative messaging. This will likely result in a higher acquisition cost over the short-term and long-term.

Advertising Segmentation

We strive to provide great plans and creative as well as a full advertising suite in the long haul. The advertising industry continues to see segmentation due to high costs and worker preferences. As a result, brands might pay a premium for services and CPAs.

Get In Touch

Phone: 215-828-9565

Email: goldengriffinadvertising@gmail.com