Google Grants - Program Overview

Google’s program, Google Grants, allows nonprofits to share their cause with the world. Nonprofits that meet Google’s requirements are eligible to spend up to $10,000/month on Google Ads. The program helps increase donations, volunteers, or key business goals. Brands continue to receive $10k/month while active and compliant in the program.

Golden Griffin will guide brands through the entire process. Our planning and monitoring approach sets up campaigns for success. The pay-per-click service is cost-effective and high quality.


A nonprofit needs to be an eligible nonprofit in their state, have a high-quality site, and meet the program policies.

Eligible Nonprofit

Certain organizations can not run Google Ads Grants campaigns. Ineligible nonprofits include:

    • Governmental entity or organization

    • A hospital or health care organization

    • A school, academic institution, or university

    • Fiscally sponsored organizations

Nonprofits that do not fall under the above organizations need to be registered. Additionally, the organization has to be:

High-Quality Website

A nonprofit’s website must meet Google’s 4 high-quality requirements. Nonprofits that don’t meet all the requirements are not considered high-quality.

    • The organization needs to own the domain searchers are directed to when they click on an ad

    • The site needs to be unique, load quickly, have only working links, HTTPS compliant, clear CTAs, and be detailed

    • The nonprofit must serve the public, cannot promise results, and shouldn’t focus on sales

    • Ads on the site should be relevant to the mission and cannot use Google AdSense or affiliate advertising links

Program Policies

Organizations are not eligible for the program if Google notices discriminatory action against a group of people (link). Additionally, the program doesn’t allow for press releases or press outreach. However, brands are able to mention their program participation on social media, in newsletters, or on the donation page on a brand’s website (link).

The Golden Appraoch

Our Golden Approach helps plan, launch, and monitor Google Grant PPC campaigns.

  • Our planning and monitoring deliverables follow all of Google’s Policy Guidelines.

  • Quality checks are set during & after the campaign’s launch. The checks ensure there are no issues with compliance.

King P

Our unique pay-per-click service planning approach focuses on research. This allows for custom PPC campaign plans. More King P info can be found here.

King &M

Our extensive PPC planning and research put the focus on the consumer and their changing needs. As a result, optimizations don’t happen often and the support is high-quality throughout the campaign’s flight. More King &M details can be found here.

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