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Receive cost-effective, quality advertising through pay-per-click services.

Research is always at the heart of our work. Our approach is geared to improving your business & furthering product R&D.

You know advertising is a business need and drives results. Go with a name you can trust - Golden Griffin

Our Services

Paid Search Campaign

Our agency will guide you through the complex consumer journey. GG plans, launches, and monitors Paid Search campaigns. Our approach to advertising focuses on sales growth & product R&D advancements.

Google Grants Campaign

Nonprofits are eligible to receive $10k/month in ad spending from the Google Grants program. Golden Griffin will assist with your Google Grants campaign to help improve your business.

Free Campaign Audit

Brands with current Paid Search campaigns can request a free campaign audit. Our audits dive into a campaign's research, strategy, & tactics. Our team will provide recommendations based on the findings.

PPPP Focus


Focused on your overall business and dedicated to consumer behavior


Focused on your goals and behavioral changes in the industry


Cost Effective

High Quality

Golden Griffin offers cost-effective, quality advertising through pay-per-click campaign services.

GG's goal is to provide marketing insights and recommendations. Our agency always strives to give trustworthy, royal support.

Extensive research drives everything we do and allows us to create detailed media plans.

Our plans adapt with consumer's needs and build strong, lastly brand.

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