Paid Search

Planning Belief: We believe in extensive research, detailed planning, and client/consumer trust building. Our approach over time aims to alter the consumer's needs. As a result, our digital campaign optimizations are limited due to the extensive pre-launch campaign process.

Paid Search Campaign

Golden Griffin performs high-quality research to help plan, launch, and monitor Paid Search campaigns. We offer cost-effective advertising through pay-per-click services. Our approach is geared toward sales growth & product R&D improvements.

Google Grants Campaign

GG provides Non-profits with a high level of service & media expertise. Google Grants are Search campaigns that provide Non-profits with $10k/month in ad spend. We'll plan, launch, and monitor the PPC campaign, and aim to improve your business.

Campaign Planning

Account Management

Feel like royalty. Golden Griffin will lead you through the ever-changing consumer journey - from awareness to loyalty


The heart of Golden advertising is quality research. We aim to provide the highest quality business & behavioral insights

Account Setup

Every account uses unique tactics based on extensive research using industry-leading tools

Placements & Creative

Extensive company, competitor, & industry research is performed to help brands stand out. Brands can trust our research.

Campaign Monitoring

Deliverable: Budget Evaluation

GG will review the campaign's budget pacing 2/Week & Monthly to ensure there are no budget issues. Prior to making any changes we perform extensive research and cross-check our findings with the campaign's project plan.

Deliverable: Campaign Goal Status Checks

GG will confirm the campaign's tracking is functioning every week. During our check, we'll record performance findings.

Deliverable: URL Error Status Check

GG will monitor the campaign's URLs for site updates that may impact the campaign's user experience. We'll work with you to fix any issues with the site.

Deliverable: PPPP Improvement Reports

GG will send monthly reports. The reports will be crossed checked against the project plan for issues and possible changes. The reports are meant to improve the 4 Ps of marketing (Promotion, Place, Price, & Product).

Deliverable: Campaign Health Audits

GG has created campaign health checks that are performed post-launch. The checks ensure all the campaign settings and advanced tactics are in place.

Deliverable: PPPP Performance Checks

GG will monitor the account regularly for performance concerns that do not align with the project plan.

Deliverable: PPPP R&D Action Plan

GG will send a product/service action plan following the campaign's conclusion. The plan aims to alter or confirm the current project plan.

Deliverable: Yearly Campaign JC Shift

GG will relaunch new campaigns once the campaign has concluded. The new campaigns may experience a consumer journey focus shift based on performance.

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