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Our agency performs comprehensive Paid Search audits for free. The GG team reviews the campaign's research, strategy & tactics. Based on our findings, recommendations are made to help improve the campaign's plan and results. Brands can trust our Team with sensitive campaign Data.

Research Review

Research is the King of Advertising. Our team slowly reviews the campaign's primary and secondary research to ensure quality.

The research should be:

  • Extensive

  • Account for short & long-term business goals

  • Geared towards the 4 P's of Marketing & the consumer journey

Learn about the importance of ad research here.

Strategy Assessment

The campaign's strategy directs the tactical plan. The strategy ensures the campaign planning and creative features are maximized & cohesive.

Tactical Evaluation

The planning and creative tactics are key to a successful campaign. The tactics should align with the campaign's research & strategy.

Advanced tactics include; creative message alignment, ad scheduling, seasonal budgeting, & customer matching.

Learn more about advanced tactics here.

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