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Advertising Service Details

Golden Griffin will guide your Brand through the ever-changing consumer journey with Search Engine Marketing. Our agency plans, launches, and monitors Paid Search campaigns.

Service Cost: $100-$300/month (Ask about our FREE Intro Brand Discussion)

(The average PPC company in the US charges around $150/hour - Source: Credo)

Our Approach

Golden Griffin offers cost-effective, quality advertising through pay-per-click services. Our planning and monitoring approach is geared toward sales growth & product R&D enhancements.

Planning (P)

Account Management

High-standard media buying starts with a well-written Project Plan. The plan lays out the goals and the upcoming deliverables needed to hit business and behavioral goals.

Our Account Manager's goal is to gain your trust and treat you like royalty.


The King of Advertising is research. We aim to provide the highest quality to improve marketing efforts & R&D. As a result, brands see increases in short & long-term sales

Account Setup

Golden Griffin uses advanced tactics & industry-leading tools to provide cost-effective, high-quality ppc campaigns

Placements & Creative

Extensive company, competitor, & industry research is performed to help drive the platform and creative strategy

Monitoring (&M)


  • Budget Evaluation

  • Campaign Goal Status Checks

  • URL Error Status Check

  • PPPP Improvement Reports

  • Campaign Health Audits

  • PPPP Performance Checks

  • PPPP R&D Action Plan

  • Yearly Campaign JC Shift

Planning Belief: We believe in extensive research, detailed planning, and client/consumer trust building. Our approach over time aims to alter the consumer's needs. As a result, our digital campaign optimizations are limited due to the extensive pre-launch campaign process. Most of the optimizations are pre-planned.


The high level of advertising standards goes beyond business results. At Golden Griffin, we value responsiveness and attention to detail. You'll always feel like royalty.

Cost Effective

We believe every company should have access to advertising to help increase sales & improve product research and development.

High Quality

Advertising needs to be both accessible and held to a high standard. Signs of proper advertising come from sales, product R&D, and CONSUMERS - the heart of our focus.

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